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by Payman Pirnazar

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Snapshots Of Life, An Inspired Journey

130-Page Photobook

LIMITED EDITION (LIMITED TO ONLY 1,000 PRINTS) Snapshots of Life - An Inspired Visual Journey by Payman Pirnazar is a 130-page coffee table photo book containing a select collection from Payman Pirnazar's Snapshots of Life Portfolio. The book brings together over 120 of Payman's unique "Phaintings" - digitally manipulated images that are described as somewhere between a photo and a painting - and his "Paymanisms" - phrases and other writings that he has written to express his thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The Phaintings and Paymanisms which were originally independent of one another  have quite naturally found synchronicity during the preparation of this book. It is Payman's intent that the images and words together will synergistically connect in an emotional manner that goes beyond that of each alone.

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