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"Whispers of the mind"

by Payman Pirnazar

Whispers Of The Mind

There is a voice inside, inside each of us to various degrees. It has been present since childhood and will be there until our last breath. No, it is not the voice that tells you what is right and wrong or good and bad. It is a voice that for many is constantly talking, often loudly within your head. Yes, it is within you but it is not always your friend but often your worst enemy. This voice is actually quite dominating and often filters everything you perceive. It is often questioning, judging, criticizing, resisting, and the more you’ve listened to it, the more and more it has been allowed to dominate your life. It is like a little brat, often nagging and needy, that is not only always with you but often pulling your hand in every direction.

It is the voice of your mind - unrelentingly talking. Why did you do this? Why didn’t you do that? What did they mean when they said this about you? Why did they do this to you? Why didn’t they do anything for you? If you do this, then that will happen. If you don’t do this, then that won’t happen. What if this happens? What if this doesn’t happen? Why am I this? Why am I not that? If I only had that. If I didn’t have this. If I wasn’t this. If I was that. Go there and you’ll be happy. Stay here and you’ll be happy…

At some point, it is no longer a voice but a whole lot of noise, lots and lots of it. Unrelenting chaos. Constant chatter that takes over the mind and prevents it from doing all the positive, creative, powerful things it could be doing instead. Over years and years, not only has it dominated your life but has taken over and moved in. It so much wants control that it can’t see that control is just an illusion. It not only resides within your mind, it is consuming it. It is consuming your mind, your soul and everything that is meant to be your true you.

Let’s be clear, this is not just fear. Fear is just one of the aspects of this voice. This voice has many other aspects including doubt, resistance, judgement, and criticism, to name just a few. We can address our fears, leave them behind and move forward, but we often we can only quiet our mind and have it whisper. According to scientists, we have not yet even scratched the surface of understanding the power of the mind and all the amazing things that rise from within it. However, when the mind is spending, if not wasting, so much energy on this constant, irritating voice, just imagine the potential energy it could be using to even more express its positive, creative abilities.

The purpose of this short writing is to bring it to your attention and have you take notice of the voice we all have, to various degrees, inside our heads. It is amazing how easily we can often address matters once we start by taking notice. Befriend the voice and bring peace to your mind. Ask your mind to listen, your heart will sing. Let your heart sing long enough, your mind will merely whisper.

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