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'snapshots of life"

Photo Gallery featuring

the visions of Payman Pirnazar

Photography is something I have enjoyed for many years and is one of my connections to my dad, who also enjoyed and appreciated capturing a moment or snapshot of life in a non-intrusive way.

Digital photography allows me to integrate my love of photograph and digital methods of enhancing the colors of Life. Each photograph I share is individually digitally manipulated, meaning by definition 'by hand,' to bring out those specific elements that I "see with my minds eye" and would like to express and share with the viewer.

Over the years, my interest in how we perceive and appreciate life and it's elements has led me to go into great depth on this area and yes, it's application to health care is unquestionably powerful. Photography is a form of mediation for me and sharing it with those who appreciate it makes it even more special to me. Life is Perception. Yet, another lesson I learned from my dad years ago that has shaped my life ever since.


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